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Your life is not a one size fits all mold.

Your advisor experience shouldn't be either. 

At Sage Advisors we pride ourselves on providing financial security for individuals, families and small businesses alike by offering quality legal and tax services designed to fit your needs, not the pre-packaged service and fees that you might have experienced previously.


We are a tax and business advisory office owned by attorneys: Matthew J. Winters, ESQ., LL.M, and Kenneth C. Toop, ESQ., MBA so we know all the legalities that you and your business will have to sort through. 

We have created the opposite type of practice, an office centered around you and your business. In doing so, we have created a practice where it’s okay to call and ask questions about your legal and business matters. Regular communication about your business is not only expected, it's encouraged! 

We created a business model where we fused the professional services that every business owner needs to have access to: CPA, legal, and financial planning. Combining all of these services in one office ensures that every piece of your business is taken care of, and that all the different layers of it are fused together to serve you the best.

At Sage Advisors we value the intimate relationships we form with every one of our clients, and we strive to make your legal and business experience as personal and stress free as possible.

Contact us today for your initial evaluation and let us assist you in resolving your business and tax elements of your life and business.


Kenneth C. Toop, Esq., MBA


Kenneth is a co-founder of Sage Advisors, practicing primarily in the areas of Small Business startup, dissolution and management. Mr. Toop also is a licensed real estate broker and assists our Bankruptcy and Estate Planning clients in providing proper guidance and management of their assets. 

Mr. Toop holds a Masters degree in business administration and  has been influential in both advising and managing multiple startup businesses and providing insight beyond the acumen of most attorneys. He believes in providing a well rounded business and marketing plan that will allow small to mid-size businesses the opportunity to grow and reach their maximum potential in a calculated manner while still providing clients a backbone to lay the proper foundation for a firm business model. 


Bachelors - Cal Poly Pomona 

Master of Business Administration - Pepperdine University

Juris Doctor - University of Nevada Las Vegas, Boyd School of Law




Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors


Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada - Children's Advocacy Project 

Matt Winters
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